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Our Author/Film Producer/Singer/Songwriter/ Creator:

Wendy Jo Bradshaw, more aptly described by her pen name Wild West Wendy Jo, is a feisty, red-headed, cowboy-boot wearing tomboy, who only experienced ONE boring day in her life. On that humdrum day, at twelve years old, she decided to NEVER be bored again!

As the oldest of four children, moving to many new schools throughout the West, Wendy Jo was the “New Kid”, more times than she could count.  Being an outsider trying to fit in, she was considered a misfit, by most of her classmates. As such, she quickly learned that she was a prime target of the schoolyard bullies. Wendy Jo was never one to run.  Instead, she stood up to bullies, and even defended other kids from anyone who tried to steal their power. Those events, forever influenced her thoughts and dreams, and set in motion the idea to help other kids feel powerful and good about themselves in spite of intimidation from anyone.

When not at school, Wendy Jo loved singing, playing the piano, spending time with her dog, and exploring. She spent much of her time organizing treasure hunting expeditions with her brothers and the other neighborhood renegades. She learned not only about the rewards of treasure hunting, but the perils, pitfalls, and the perseverance required in searching for treasures of all kinds. 

Today, Wendy Jo still loves adventure and treasure hunting, and now teaches it to her children, grandchildren, and other people’s kids! After surviving Stage III Melanoma cancer, she especially appreciates the hunt for treasures from the treasure chest of life (TCL), which are far more valuable than gold. Through that journey, she learned that the power of CHOICE was one of the valuable treasures that helped save her life. Wendy continues to enjoy gold panning, metal detecting, fishing, and exploring ghost towns and historic ruins. Her dreams of helping children have become a reality.  Wendy Jo uses her gifts of writing, singing and exploring to do what she loves most, creating empowering media for kids, through her VIPPI Mouse program.  Wendy Jo’s motto is: Helping Kids See, They Are a Treasured VIP. Oh, and since she was 12 years old, she’s never been bored ONCE!

In conclusion here’s a quote by Wild West Wendy Jo, that sums up her thoughts about the Treasure Chest of Life, “When you hit rock bottom, remember, bedrock is where you find the gold!”

Wendy Jo now lives in Utah very near her children and grandchildren, with her spouse and two little Dachshunds named Annie Oakley and Jackpot. Wendy Jo is an award winning author, illustrator, and singer, and is excited to finally debut her first solo children’s book titled A VERY IMPORTANT POWER.  Wendy Jo’s previous five books are a series of personalized books that she hired an author and illustrators to collaborate with.  She belongs to the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, and is also a member of the Mama Dragons.

Here’s a photo of eleven year old Misfit Me and my renegade brothers when we lived in Arizona. We were a working class family, but mysteriously, our parents were able to rent this house with a swimming pool, really cheap! The mystery was solved after we moved in, and our neighbors informed us that someone had been murdered there.


In conclusion here’s a quote by Wild West Wendy Jo, that sums up her thoughts about the Treasure Chest of Life, “When you hit rock bottom, remember, bedrock is where you find the gold!”

Wendy Jo now lives in Utah very near her children and grandchildren, with her spouse and two little Dachshunds named Annie Oakley and Jackpot.

Our Guide, VIP Investigator/Treasure Hunting Navigator/Creator of VIPPIOLOGY: VIPPI Mouse


VIPPI’stheme song describes him perfectly.

Vippi Mouse the VIP Investigator

Vippi Mouse the Treasure Hunting Navigator

On the Quest for Gold n Nuggets in the West

Searching for the Treasures of the nicest kind

What you Prize makes a difference in your Life

On the quest, traps and trouble you may find

You will know, when you have hit the Motherlode

Don’t be fooled, cuz all that glitters isn’t gold

Vippi Mouse is the Name, Treasure Finding’s the Game. Ahhh…

VIPPI Mouse Theme Song ©2018


VIPPI helps kids see, that they are a treasured VIP!

Who is VIPPI Mouse?

VIPPI Mouse is a VIP Investigator, and treasure hunting navigator. He owns a magic, time traveling magnifying glass called the IMAGICADABRA. He’s on a quest with sidekick Wild West Wendy Jo, to guide children on adventures through the portals of the IMAGICADABRA, to discover valuable treasures and riches that are even greater than gold such as friendship, kindness, courage, and most of all, themselves.


Expeditions, investigations, and adventures in the mysteries of VIPPIOLOGY, which is VIPPI code for all kinds of treasure hunting. Kids can discover gold, and riches that are greater than gold, like Friendship, problem solving, kindness, courage, and most of all, themselves. They may even run into things like fool’s gold, claim jumpers, and other problems, while VIPPI guides them to find solutions through their power of choice.


VIPPI has a special language of magic and treasure hunting.  He has a unique way of looking at the universe and describing the world around him.  Through VIPPIOLOGY you will come to understand that all that glitters isn’t gold and that there are riches that are greater than even you can imagine. 


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FREE VIPPIGRAM ONLINE MAILROOM-WRITE TO VIPPI:  Hey Kids, have you got a Treasure QUESTion, or problem that you want VIPPI to investigate? With your parent’s help, you can write to VIPPI by filling OUT THE Vippigram ONLINE FORM. Fill in your name, your parent’s email, and write your message to VIPPI. He  looks forward to reading your email!

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Hurry and join VIPPI Mouse and Wild West Wendy Jo’s adventures, and you might even find treasures so powerful that if you can get your hands on them, could help solve all your problems, like boredom or bullying, for good!

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